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Professional Headshots

In business and life, a professional image is essential for putting your best foot forward when searching for new career opportunities and building new business relationships.

No matter your profession, headshot photography in DC (our business name is Washington DC Headshots) captures your essence and unique sense of style flawlessly.

Our skilled photographers have years of experience taking headshot photos for clients in various industries and niche markets.

Benefits Of Professional Headshots

These days, it's critical to maintain control over your professional and online image. Here are some of the most notable benefits of investing in professional headshots.

Β· Create A Connection With Others - A professional headshot helps to create a connection with others almost instantly. Professional headshots help to accentuate your best features and welcome new contacts.

Β· Personal Or Professional Branding - These days, people are becoming more synonymous with their private brands. A professional headshot helps create this valuable element, so you're building on a strong branding element.

Β· Social Media Presence - Social media platforms remain among the most popular websites and apps available today. If you are using these platforms for personal, business, or recreational purposes, your professional headshot helps strengthen your online presence.

Β· Professional Appearance - When you've worked hard to achieve goals, there is no good reason to undermine your accomplishments with an unprofessional profile picture. Professional photographers ensure favorable lighting and a non-competing background.

Β· Print-Friendly - Many types of professionals, such as those in real estate, insurance, law, and others, use their image in a variety of advertising and marketing campaigns, from business cards to postcards, to full-size flyers. Getting a professional headshot provides you with a print-friendly image you can use for any of these types of campaigns.

Β· Digital Asset - In addition to being print-friendly, your professional headshot is also a useful digital asset. You can use this image on networking and other types of business websites.

Resist the urge to use your latest selfie as your professional picture! While undoubtedly you look great, this type of informal image can convey the wrong message about you.

Many types of informal pictures are best kept for your private archive or shared with family and friends.

Professional Headshot Photography

Without the help of a skilled photographer, capturing an authentic smile and facial expressions can be challenging. With years of experience taking professional and corporate headshots, our photographers are insightful and friendly.

We strive to provide clients with a headshot photo that allows their true self to shine through. Whether you're looking for a "strictly business" portrait or something more casual and relaxed, our headshot photography services empower you with the professional image you desire.

Our skilled team helps to create professional photos that you're excited about using everywhere! We're happy to provide optimized images for use on your resume, business cards, and social media platforms.

On-Location Headshot Portraits

Our on-location headshot sessions simplify the process for clients who are part of a larger group. We arrive at your office or place of business approximately one hour before your headshot sessions begin to set up our equipment and get everything situated before taking the first photos in your preferred location.

Our On-location headshot photography sessions minimize interruptions in your workday.

Our staff visits your establishment and designs a temporary studio at your business location, offices, or another prearranged venue. If you want to tell a branded story, our on-location headshots provide the perfect backdrop.

Over the last decade and a half, we've worked hard to perfect our on-location headshot photography sessions. We aim to provide exceptional portraits that are convenient for people from all walks of life.

We recognize that not all people feel comfortable and relaxed when getting professional photos taken. For that reason, our personable and friendly photographers work with every client to bring out their best features using favorable lighting and camera angles. Every photoshoot includes multiple poses and professional guidance to ensure we capture the perfect picture of you!

Environmental Headshot Photography

Professional headshot photography that uses a related environmental background or backdrop is visually appealing. Using a unique environment relevant to your industry or trade is helpful in your traditional branding efforts.

Whether you have a place in mind for your professional headshots or you need some creative inspiration, our photographers take every measure to ensure your pictures look exceptional.

Environmental headshots highlight your best attributes in distinctive environments.

For instance, politicians and legal professionals may choose to get their headshots taken in front of a courthouse, the American flag, or another symbol of law and order.

Those in the culinary industry may choose to get their professional headshot taken in the front of the house or back of the house. For instance, a mixologist might get their professional headshot standing behind a well-appointed bar. A chef might prefer to stay in their element and get photographed in a sparkling clean kitchen.

For those in healthcare, getting headshots in the medical center, their offices, or elsewhere on the healthcare campus conveys professionalism and expertise in the healthcare field.

Executives may choose to get their photos taken in their business offices or elsewhere on the company campus, such as a conference room, reception area, board room, or as an exterior picture in the front of the building.

Clients who know what type of environmental backdrop they'd like, but don't have an exact location are welcome to ask our experienced DC photographers for desirable locations in the DC Metro area.

Convenient Scheduling and Packages

We provide scheduling that fits your lifestyle. Our flexible pricing packages allow you to meet your professional or personal objectives. It's up to you whether we shoot in our studios, on location, or your preferred environmental background. Let us know what you're thinking about, and our photographers will work to make it happen!

Small groups and individuals who want tasteful and professional headshots, in-studio headshots are an uncomplicated solution. In-studio headshot photography in the Metro DC area is perfect for people who don't want to compromise their professional image.

If you are unsure what session type is best for you, talk about your goals with your photographer. Based on this information, they might recommend a combination of group photos, in-studio, on-location, or environmental backgrounds to help you achieve your objectives. By having a wide selection of images available, you can create a dynamic and multidimensional corporate image.

Our enthusiastic photographers are available to assist with all of your personal or professional headshot needs. With over a decade of experience working with clients throughout the Metro DC area, you can rely on us to provide beautiful images that reflect your personality and style.

We are happy to work with everyone from private individuals to enterprise-size clients to help them meet their professional image needs. We're glad to customize a portrait plan with a large selection of images to clients if requested.

Why Choose Us?

When you're a professional, average portraits are unacceptable! It would be best if you stood out among your competitors, and professional headshots help you accomplish this goal.

Kristina understand lighting and posing that help accentuate the best features of every subject.

All proofs get provided in a digital format to make the process easier for everyone. Clients can review and approve their favorites at their convenience. Once selected, we offer the value-added service of photo editing to touch up imperfections such as red-eye removal, uneven skin tones, wrinkle minimizing, eye brightening, and tooth whitening.

Upon completing optional photo editing work, all headshots, portraits, and corporate images are made available to you digitally.

Should you prefer physically printed copies of your professional headshots, our team of skilled photographers can secure the print sizes and types you prefer.

Our pricing for this value-added service is variable, based on factors including print size, print quality, and the overall quantity ordered. If you're interested in this customized service, please talk to your photographer to get more details.

DC Metro Area Headshot Photographer

We're excited to work with clients throughout the Metro Washington DC area. If you need professional headshot photography to update your profiles or other commercial uses, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Alia Mahboob - Washington, D.C.


As a rising senior in college, I wanted a more defined look for me headshot and my personal brand. I had done a ton of research on headshot photographers in the DC area and couldn't seem to find a genuine, authentic fit for me. When I stumbled upon Kristina's DC Headshots website, and I could not have been more satisfied by her portfolio. I booked an appointment immediately and met her the following week and I was overwhelmed by how relaxing and professional this process was! I have worked with headshot photographers in the past but Kristina made everything seem effortless and overall it was super fun and chill. I highly recommend her if you're looking for a fancy photo of your face. She knows exactly what she's doing! I now feel like I have a headshot I can use for years to come!

Rick Harris - Bethesda, MD


From start to finish, my experience with Kristina was exceptional. I researched head-shot photographer websites and selected Kristina based on the strength of her headshot examples. Making an appointment online was easy and the photo shoot flew by because she was professional, friendly, approachable and most important talented. I was hoping she could make me look half as good as the photos on her website and she exceeded my expectation. If you are in the market for a photographer, book Kristina NOW. She provided me with the single-best photo experience in my 30+year career. I can't wait to post them!

Kenny King - Washington, D.C.


You're gonna love your photos! Period. Kristina is super cool so it's easy to feel comfortable sharing your goals for your pictures. What type of shots are you looking for? Have that question answered before you arrive, even if you show her an example of a style or pose from someone else's headshots, and I bet she can bring that vision to life in your photos. She has a great eye for lighting, backgrounds and a special way of getting you to smile, or not, so that you achieve a perfect result. Guaranteed she will make you feel comfortable and will encourage and direct you so that you get some great pics. Go in feeling a little confident, break out that smile and enjoy the moment. Most likely you'll end up with so many incredible pictures, you'll have a really tough time choosing the keepers. Kristina's work is Mercedes-Benz quality...yes, she's that good!