What Should I Wear for a Professional Headshot?

My number one tip is to wear something you feel confident in! If you buy a new outfit solely for the photo and you aren’t totally comfortable in it, that can show in your face. I think that if you feel good, you look good, so start by looking at some of your favorite pieces in your wardrobe and go from there. Another tip is to avoid trends/fads. You want these headshots to be timeless, and to be able to use them for a few years without them looking dated. Right now, big bright earrings and colorful lipstick is super popular, but it’s a good idea to go with a more classic look for your headshot. Studs, pearls, hoops, and most silver/gold earrings look great without distracting from your face. When it comes to your outfit, remember that you probably only need to worry about your waist up. If you have a great blazer that doesn’t go with any of your dress pants, don’t be afraid to throw on jeans! Most headshots will only include your head and shoulders, and we won’t make fun of you for wearing flip flops with your suit jacket. When you are looking for a top, focus on the necklines. V-necks and crew necks always look great, and help lead the viewer’s eye right up to your face. Something that is low cut or strapless will probably not photograph the same way, and definitely won’t look as professional. If it fits your style, having a solid colored blazer helps pull your body together, and can have a slimming effect. Just try to avoid bright colors or bold patterns, because again, we don’t want to have anything distracting from your face. Remember to keep in mind what kind of background you want. You don’t want to wear a white shirt on a white background because you will look like a floating head, so you would want to choose a darker color top, or throw a blazer over it. Men often come in and ask our opinions on ties, and we have definitely seen a change over the past few years from companies wanting traditional suit and tie portraits shifting to a more casual jacket and no tie. Think about what you would wear to work on a normal basis. If your clients always see you in a tie, it’s probably good to wear one for your headshot and will look a little more serious. If you work in a more laid back environment, you can definitely skip the tie, and will look a little more approachable. We also get a lot of questions about glasses vs no glasses. We will typically shoot you with and without glasses so that you can see both options, but it really depends on if you wear your glasses all the time or not. Again, think about how your clients or coworkers typically see you. You want your headshot to be authentic and easily recognizable as yourself. One last tip - feel free to bring options! We are always happy to take a look and help you decide what to wear. We also have a steamer available for any last minute wrinkles that show up.