How it Works

Pay for the session separately from your images. A session includes your time with the photographer you choose plus as many outfits and looks as you choose.

Only pay for the images you absolutely love. Book the session cost first, then at the shoot, purchase the images you want to keep from our session together.

During the online booking process you can check to include add ons like...Makeup Services ($185), Makeup and Hair Services ($200), Rush Image Retouching ($70) and others.

Headshot Photography Prices

Lead Photographer: Kristina Sherk

Session Price: $395 + $195 per image


Associate Photographer: Aryeh Schwartz

Session Price: $195 + $150 per image

View Aryeh's Gallery Here

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On Location Group Pricing

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I Just Need a Quick Professional Headshot, Which Package is Right for Me?

You are probably going to find either the Mini headshot package or the Intro package with our associate headshot photographer, Aryeh Schwartz to be the best fit for your needs. Aryeh is extremely capable at creating beautiful headshots which are perfect for LinkedIn, Facebook or your company's website. She has been shooting with me for over three years and can modify and manipulate headshot lighting very well. You can even check out her headshot example gallery on her page to see samples of her work. If you're looking to shoot with Kristina herself, and take advantage of the 20 years experience she has shooting faces, choose lead photographer and take advantage of her 100% satisfaction guarantee. It's nominally more expensive, but it's definitely worth the investment!