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What We Offer:

In Studio

In studio headshot sessions by Washington DC Headshots photographer; Kristina Sherk are perfect for the individual who needs a new, polished and professional photo to represent their name or brand. The session takes place at Kristina’s studio. It’s perfect for just one person, or smaller groups of two to three. We offer many eye-catching backgrounds, and you get to choose the one that fits your look/style the best.

On Location Headshots

We provide on location corporate headshot photography which is great for larger companies and groups looking to supply their employees with a stand out, professional corporate headshot. Whether you’re looking to improve your social media presence, or you need profile photos for the company’s website, this option is for you. We offer many eye-catching backgrounds, and you get to choose the one that fits your company’s look/style the best.

Environmental Portraits

Environmental portraits are perfect for larger groups looking to supply their executives with eye-catching portraits that not only portray your employees in the best light possible, but also show off your company's space. When you show off your employees in their natural environment and can’t help but end up with a stunning, dynamic and beautiful portrait.


There’s no better way to show your team’s camaraderie and cohesiveness than with a group portrait. Washington DC Headshots helps you show off the best image of your company by photographing your executives together to portray an organized front.