FAQ's - On Location (Large Groups)

How long does the shoot take for each employee?

If we are just doing one headshot per person, then the average appointment time slot is anywhere from five to 15 minutes. If each person is getting a headshot and an environmental portrait, I usually request 20 minute slots per person.

When should the employees arrive?

Please arrive right on time for your scheduled headshot slot time. It’s very important to keep a tight schedule when we only have a few minutes to work with each person.

What should my employees wear?

Males: consider suggesting your male employees wear a shirt and tie without loud patterns or stripes. They should also bring with them at least a sports coat. Headshots do not look nice if men only wear white shirts and ties in their shots. The white shirts can easily blend in with the white background and make men look like floating heads.

Women: consider suggesting the women in your office wear blouses and blazers. As long as there are no loud prints, and they are not wearing white, they should look wonderful.

Should I hire a make-up artist?

In Kristina’s experience, corporate groups rarely hire makeup artists. Kristina will come prepared to your shoot with a small ‘camera ready’ kit which includes blotting papers, lint rollers, matting powder and hair spray to ensure each of your employees look their absolute best for their headshot.

How long will the shoot take?

Kristina usually suggests 10 to 15 minute slots per person. So depending on how many people need headshots, you can estimate 4 to 6 people per hour plus an additional hour for equipment setup.

Where will the shoot take place?

Kristina and her assistant will arrive on the location of your choosing usually 1 hour before the first person is scheduled to be photographed. We will set up our equipment and be completely ready for the first person to show up.