Headshot Photography

Why should you choose Kristina as your headshot photographer?

We get it, there's a ton of headshot photographers out there. How do you know if you're picking the right one? There are so many things to consider. Price being the foremost. The easiest way to blow your budget out of the water though, is skimping on your headshot photographer.

Here's why: When you first choose the economical option to save money, you end up hiring someone who isn't experienced in how to light faces or how to pose the subjects to make them look their best. Then the inevitable happens. You, and all the people photographed end up hating their headshots! And you end up having to hire a second, more professional headshot photographer who costs more. And while you're happy with the beautiful, new headshots, now you've paid TWICE!

So it's worth considering just hiring the professional first and saving the money on having to reshoot.

One of the accolades that Kristina has is that she actually educates photographers all around the country on how to take great headshots. KelbyOne is an online educational platform that teaches photographers how to take better photos. And she has a class completely devoted to teaching headshot photography.

KelbyOne Headshot Class Trailer

Luke Accetta - Rockville, MD


I had an awesome experience with Kristina throughout the entire process of getting my headshot! This was my first time ever being professionally photographed and she made the the whole shoot seamless. Super professional and personable, not to mention the proofs were fantastic. She really knows what she's doing, but that should go without saying; her work speaks for itself.

Lisa Stransky - Reston, VA


I had a wonderful, easy experience getting the best professional headshot of my career thanks to Kristina. I highly recommend hiring her! She casually captured many options and magically edited to take some years off my face! Thank you Kristina! :)

Justin Hosa-Showell - D.C.


I took Theatrical headshots with Kristina Sherk this past week and just received the shots, before their final retouching! Not only was it a cool shoot, but the product is QUALITY! She is a very skilled photographer! Book with her if you need shots of any kind!