Actor Headshots

Theater Headshots in DC, Maryland and Virginia

Theater headshot packages for men are an offering Kristina has promoted since the company's inception. Kristina got her start in 2005 photographing male and female actors down at her college; Elon University. After more than 15 years of photographing actors, She has exceptional experience coaching you into getting the best expression for your shot. If you book with Kristina, you'll definitely be thrilled with the final results.

Since the moment Kristina picked up a camera in 2005, she has been photographing headshots for actors. She has over 15 years experience unlike other photographers who have only recently started shooting headshots to increase their revenue stream. Beware those other photographers who don't specialize in headshot photography, you're risking not being happy with your final headshots and you'll end up having to get them retaken. Rest assured, this won't happen if you book with Kristina. She has extensive knowledge on how to light a face and pose a person to get the most amazing final product.

When photographing kids (especially young kids who can't take direction) it's important to keep them in a natural environment. That's why Kristina usually likes to photograph kid headshots in natural light. With the parent's face right by the lens of the camera, Kristina is able to capture amazing kids headshots with a fast camera capturing even the shortest moment of a smile.