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Why Should I Hire Kristina For Our Corporate Headshots?

We know there are a ton of options when choosing a headshot photographer in the DC area. But in all honesty - hiring the best one the first time is really what's most important. One of the most common things Kristina hears from her clients is "We hired a friend of someone who works here first, hoping to save money and we ended up with terrible headshots that everyone hated." This leads to companies having to ostensibly pay twice for headshot photography! Talk about a waste of money!

This doesn't happen with Kristina. Actually - the contrary. Kristina shows up and each person entering for their headshot session comes in with the same blanket statement. "I hate pictures of myself, so this is going to be a painful experience." Kristina has learned to shake this off as within minutes, they'll be proven wrong and will have multiple beautiful photos to choose from for their final pick. She proceeds to coach each client on posture and the right way to pose and smile and then makes them feel a little more at ease and without fail - once the photos are taken and the client comes to look at the images of themselves, they are pleasantly surprised and say something to the effect of "Oh wow, okay! I don't look as bad as I thought! These are great!" Kristina's extensive experience guarantee's that you won't waste money on headshots that you'll just have to end up redoing. So book her the first time and you won't be disappointed!