What should I wear in my headshots?

- Executive:

Men: consider wearing a shirt and tie without loud patterns or stripes for your photo session. You should also bring with you at least a sports coat. Work head shots do not look nice if you’re only wearing a white shirt and tie. Your white shirt can easily blend in with the white background and make you look like a floating head, and no one wants that!

Women: consider wearing a blouse and blazer for your session. As long as there are no loud prints, and you’re are not wearing white (against a white background), you should look wonderful. Blazers and cardigans look great when getting your executive portraits taken.

- Actors: Solid colors are best. You can also get away with a small print as long as it is layered underneath something else. It is the large prints and emblems that tend to take away from the subject’s face. I find that when shooting outside, earth tones - that are darker than your skintone look best. V necks and layered sweaters or blazers do a really great job of guiding the viewer’s eye up to your face. So consider creating some sort of visual line that will draw the viewers eye to your face in your headshot. Because of the way I crop my headshots, boat neck shirts and collars can sometimes pose a problem as they can make a subject look larger than they actually are in person.